A full range of services for a mature and winning industrial strategy


Problems related to the availability of components have become generalized and intensified : situations of shortage, reduction of the life cycle of components. At the same time the customers seek to increase the life cycle of their products and secure manufacturing over time. Only a complete range of electronic services can manage this situation by making each decision more reliable, at each stage of the product development and life cycle, and by avoiding the very significant additional costs linked to the shutdown of production, to the disorganization of the supply chain, changes in component characteristics, increased prices and lead times when they are at the end of their life, etc.


Safety, reliability, cost control over time, the electronic services offered by ACTIA are inseparable from a mature and winning industrial strategy.
The electronic services offered by ACTIA intervene throughout the product life cycle and even upstream from the design phase. In particular, they make it possible to secure the choice of components and to schedule the production of electronic boards and products over time, thanks to ACTIA’s know-how in obsolescence management.

Services with very high added value, the electronic services operated by ACTIA have proven their worth for many years with all ACTIA group customers, in the various fields such as the automotive, rail, aerospace and other sectors. more generally, all sectors of industry.


ACTIA’s expertise in the field of electronic services enables it to intervene with an advisory role throughout the product lifecycle. At each stage ACTIA knows how to offer solutions that will secure production and continued operation for its customers. Thus, upstream, ACTIA will, for example, be able to define the Durability Plan which establishes the winning preventive strategy adapted to the lifespan objectives defined by each customer. This Durability Plan is the foundation of the Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO) service. Likewise, at each stage, ACTIA will be able to offer advice and repairability analysis services.
ACTIA is a member of the Obsolescence Group within AFNOR. He participates with major clients and EMS in the steering committee and various working groups – obsolescence management, brokerage purchases and secure storage – and is involved in:
  • The exchange and construction of methodologies for the prevention, identification, monitoring and resolution of obsolescence,
  • The pooling of information linked to obsolescence,
  • Pooling of feedback from experiences and data from practices,
  • Access to, and where applicable, the development of normative and para-normative documents relating to obsolescence and organizational type information.


The constraints linked to the international circulation of products and the toughening of environmental and societal requirements require in-depth expertise in bringing products and their components into conformity. These compliance actions take place very early on, from the design stage, and throughout the product life cycle, in particular in the context of managing changes in standards and regulations.

ACTIA offers a dedicated service to analyze regulatory compliance needs, then supports its customers throughout the process of analyzing and labeling their products. ACTIA’s expertise covers all requirements:

  • Environmental and societal requirements: RoHS, REACh, IMDS, RISL, Black / Gray / Red list, Conflict Minerals
  • Export Control and customs regulations: Europe / US, Civil / Military (ITAR / EAR), Country of origin, HT / HTS Code, Rate, …


ACTIA’s electronic services include various advanced analyses to evaluate the feasibility of the various stages of design, industrialization, manufacturing and maintenance in operational condition (MCO) while making these stages more reliable.

  • Sourcing: a purchasing team is dedicated to finding components with a systematic multi-sourcing approach. This approach makes it possible to find “best value” components and to guarantee a reliable supply adapted to the customer’s planned life cycle. The components are subject to a regulatory evaluation (link to the previous section) and are monitored in the Observatory.
  • Observatory: This involves putting the various components under surveillance to manage changes (PCN, PDN and Errata), to anticipate breakages or end of life and thus allow for optimized treatment of obsolescence situations. (anchor to the part).Thanks to its experience in this field, the ACTIA group has developed its own Component Observatory via the iPerSyst tool.
  • Functional Characterization and Qualification: components sourced by ACTIA can be tested and evaluated in the specific context of each production. Different parameter measurements, under different conditions, allow to determine the reliability of the components according to their use. ACTIA performs these tests in its metallographic laboratories. A more thorough inspection of the “behavior” of the components in situ can be carried out on prototypes and models (anchors to the part) in the group’s thermodynamic laboratories.


ACTIA proposes all the services that allow the successful dynamic treatment of obsolescence and shortages:

  • Monitoring of components via the Component Observatory: the iPerSyst tool allows to industrialize the process of alerts and obsolescence treatment. It manages for ACTIA’s different customers, 7,500 board nomenclatures and 130,000 components.
  • Research and validation of alternative solutions to proven or future obsolescence in strict equivalence or close to it. Traceability of all files processed with a proven and qualified process.
  • Technical study of redesign or cloning of simple components – transformer – to very complex ones – programmed microcontroller – to propose a new perennial source of supply.
  • Research, supply and qualification of obsolete components or those in short supply, with expert skills in brokerage purchasing. These purchases are secured by an expert set of services in functional characterization and qualification
  • Secure storage at ACTIA (or at the customer’s site). A dedicated storage area on site offers: anti-intrusion protection (physical security, access control, video surveillance, etc.), fire protection, maintenance of environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) adapted to the product, limitation of the risks of mishandling (ESD) and controlled traceability in the ERP system for all movements carried out.


Mock-up and prototyping services allow us to characterize and qualify the components in situ and also to make an initial assessment of the “manufacturability” of the electronic board. It is an essential support to the design and engineering stages with a modeling in advance of the phase which secures the DFP (Design for Productibility) and the DFR (Design for Reliability).

These services are offered by ACTIA within its production units from a basket of products or from a supply sourced by the ACTIA purchasing team (anchor to the previous section).

If necessary and according to the needs of each customer, ACTIA’s electronic engineering teams can intervene in a partial re-design of the board.


The upgrading offer allows the functional capacities of a product to evolve and to increase its life span. This upgrade service responds to the necessary evolution of certain systems over time. ACTIA’s know-how in upgrading is distinguished not only by its cutting-edge technical expertise, but above all by the organization and management of the entire process, including logistics, which enables customers to ensure the continuity of their activities. ACTIA, a trusted partner, provides project management alongside its customers.

The ACTIA repair unit is organized around a complete range of services with maximum responsiveness to ensure the fastest possible interventions. Repairs are carried out in compliance with the various professional standards perfectly mastered by the teams (Part 145 for example). Thus, more than 3,000 standard exchanges are carried out each year with the guarantee of a very high level of quality and an expertise that allows us to cover a very wide field of repairs.


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